Common Causes for Experiencing Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A lot of people all over the world suffer from all sorts of health ailments, among them being irritable bowel syndrome. Even in the United States alone, there’s been a general estimation of over 40 million citizens suffering from this disease, which happens to be one of the most irritating to deal with.

There are many resources to be found on the Internet with regard to learning all about it and it’s only a person’s responsibility to acquire as much researched material regarding the condition to know how it can be treated. Also known as IBS, irritable bowel syndrome can really hamper a person’s way of living in many ways.

For those who are aged around 30-60 years old, there’s a great chance that they’ll experience this problem. A person’s productivity levels will most likely go down by up to 35 percent if he or she suffers from this condition, since it’s a discomforting as one can imagine.

Apart from that, they’ll be paying up to 4,500 dollars for medical expenses alone, which is really a huge amount that’s hard to come by these days. There’s no denying that IBS is a unique ailment in its own right, and can be rather complex as well.

There may be a specific cause for a person suffering from this which doesn’t really relate to another, although there are some general causes for this disease to develop in an individual too.

With regard to the latter, below are some common causes that lead to irritable bowel syndrome being experienced by people.

  • There is an inflammation in their gastrointestinal system – When this happens, a person’s digestive system has suffered from all sorts of problems, such as fatigue, allergic reactions and the dissemination of toxic substances which affect their blood stream. With either of those things, there may be a possibility that a person will suffer greatly from IBS.
  • A person may be experiencing a deficiency in Hydrochloric Acid – The human digestive system requires a delicate and optimal balance in digestive enzymes such as hydrochloric acid in order to function properly. When there is a deficiency in this, all the essential nutrients required for proper health would not be absorbed properly. This will lead to bacterial dilemmas that can leave the foods a person consume undigested.
  • There is a severe case of stress – Not many people realize this, but even with stress being such a normal part of their lives, there’s a great risk of them suffering from IBS through it. It’s because of the fact that most of a person’s serotonin locators, approximately 95%, are found in their gut. Apart from that, people suffering from IBS also suffer from psychological problems, and there’s about 60% of the world’s population that consists of this group. Therefore, stress is a major contributor to the poor health of a person’s digestive functioning.

These are just some of the common reasons as to why irritable bowel syndrome is experienced by some people in the world.

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