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Aging & Geriatrics
Basic Information

Great improvements in medicine, public health, science, and technology have enabled today's older Americans to live longer and healthier lives than previous generations. Older adults want to remain healthy and independent at home in their communities. Society wants to minimize the health care and economic costs associated with an increasing older population. The science of aging indicates that chronic disease and disability are not inevitable. As a result, health promotion and disease prevention activities and programs are an increasing priority for older adults, their families, and the health care system.

Many people fail to make the connection between undertaking healthy behaviors today and the impact of these choices later in life. Studies indicate that healthy eating, physical activity, mental stimulation, not smoking, active social engagement, moderate use of alcohol, maintaining a safe environment, social support, and regular health care are important in maintaining health and independence.

Promoting the healthy lifestyles of older people is vital in helping them to maintain health and functional independence and lead healthy and independent lives. Providing information to you about disease prevention and health promotion activities will help us help you and your loved ones become more knowledgeable about the health problems you may face and how you can prevent, delay, or manage them.

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Latest News
Risk Factors in Older Adults for Indoor and Outdoor Falls Differ
Substance Abuse Admissions Double Among Older Adults
Health Tip: Signs That People With Dementia Shouldn't Drive
Slowed Reflexes in Aging Could Be Due to Brain Changes
Prior Fractures Could Raise Older Women's Odds for Osteoporosis
In Seniors, 'Fear of Falling' Risky in Itself
Relieving Eye Pressure May Slow Glaucoma
Could Lifestyle Changes Cut Dementia Rates?
As People Live Longer, More Will Develop Cataracts
Delirious Hospital Patients a High-Risk Group, Study Finds
Link Between Depression, Cholesterol May Differ by Gender
As Temperature Rises, So Does Seniors' Risk of Hyperthermia
'Get Moving' Can Be Vital Advice for Seniors
'Miniature Telescope' for Eye Approved for Macular Degeneration
Children, Elderly Need Protection From Soaring Temperatures
Antibiotic May Up Risk of Dangerous Potassium Levels in Seniors
Older Folks Watch More TV, Get Less Out of It
Testosterone Gel Could Raise Heart Risks in Frail, Older Men
Experts Optimistic About Solving Puzzle of Alzheimer's
More Older Adults Being Treated for Substance Abuse
Medicare Drug Spending Varies Widely Across U.S.
Wii Games Can Get Seniors Moving
Prolia Approved for Post-Menopausal Women With Osteoporosis
Certain Popular Antidepressants Linked to Cataracts in Seniors
Eyeglass Change Might Keep Elderly From Falling
Radiation Not Needed in Many Older Breast Cancer Patients
Alzheimer's Costs Could Explode by Mid-Century
Confiding Eases Older Men's Stress Over Sexual Problems
Suicide Risk May Be Higher in Senior Facilities
Elderly Falls Linked to Altered Blood Flow in Brain
Survey Finds Those Over 50 Are Less Stressed
Prevention Program Spares Seniors More Falls
Once-A-Year Vitamin D Megadose Ups Fracture Risk: Study
With Long-Term Exercise, Being 80 Is Just a Number
Older, Abused Women Suffer Poor Mental Health
Kidney Removal May Be Ill-Advised for Some Elderly
Sleepless Nights Plague Assisted Living Residents
If Your Spouse Gets Alzheimer's, You Might, Too
Even Moderate Drinking Puts Many Older Adults at Risk
Few Over 50 Get Skin Cancer Screenings
Levels of Self-Esteem May Fluctuate Over Time
Studies Find Genetic Links to Macular Degeneration
1 in 4 Chronically Ill Elderly Lives Alone
Friends, Not Grandkids, Key to Happy Retirement
Many Women Unaware of Increased Fracture Risk
Docs Issue Guidelines for Drivers With Dementia
Elderly on Antipsychotics at Higher Risk for Pneumonia
Almost One Million Safety Incidents in Medicare Patients
Disability Course in Elderly Usually Not Predictable
More Family Support Can Raise Fears For Some Elderly
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