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Basic Information

Welcome to our Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences topic center. Here, gathered in various sub-topic areas, you will find practical scientific resources (e.g., on obtaining research grants, statistical methods, etc.), and introductions to fields of science of relevance to mental and medical health (e.g., Neuroscience). We offer this information as a resource for professionals and interested lay persons, and also as a way of illustrating the vital role played by scientists and researchers in the development of new medical and mental health knowledge. Whatever we know about a given medical or mental disorder, we know because scientists and researchers have carefully studied that disorder using the scientific method.

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Latest News
Biomarkers May Aid in Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's
Appetite Hormone Levels May Influence Weight 'Regain'
2 Genes Have Possible Link to Deadly Ovarian Cancer
Immune System Genes Show Links to Type 1 Diabetes
Most Study Volunteers Seem Willing to Share Genetic Data
Mental 'Exercise' May Only Hide Signs of Alzheimer's
MR Imaging May Have New Role in Neurological Diagnoses
Immune System Research Sees Many Similarities Among People
Active Lifestyle May Help Counter Obesity Genes
Genetic Studies Find Clues to 'Lou Gehrig's Disease' Risk
New Migraine Gene Discovered
HIV Virus May Hide in Brain
Study Links Gene to Serious Eye Disease
Obama to Appeal Stem Cell Ruling
Slowed Reflexes in Aging Could Be Due to Brain Changes
Inner Workings of Gene Tied to Breast, Ovarian Cancer Revealed
HIV in Blood Different Than in Semen, Scientists Say
Positive Brain Changes Seen After Body-Mind Meditation
Single Genetic Factor Related to Pain at Many Body Sites
Lithium of No Benefit in ALS, Study Finds
Three Genotypes Confirmed as Alzheimer's Disease Risk Loci
'Biomarkers' Could Spot Alzheimer's Disease Early, Studies Suggest
Deep Brain Stimulation May Hold Promise in Alzheimer's
More Clues To Fibromyalgia Pain
Neurogenetic Risk Mechanism ID'ed for Bipolar Disorder
Pain in Fibromyalgia Patients Tied to Altered Brain Functions
Genome Studies Point to Cholesterol-Regulating Genes
A New Marker to Spot Aggressive Breast Cancers?
When Others Drink, Your Genes May Lead You to Join Them
Genetic Tests Marketed to Consumers Can Be Dangerously Misleading
Breast Cancer's DNA Yields More Secrets
Sleep Disorder May Help Predict Parkinson's Decades Earlier
New Drugs Eyed for Huntington's Disease
Genetics-Based Risk Score Tied to Risk for Breast Cancer
Study Points to Molecular Origins of Celiac Disease
High Vitamin D Levels Tied to Lower Parkinson's Risk
Rat Study Sheds Light on Cocaine Addiction
Blood Protein Reflects Severity and Progression in Alzheimer's
Shorter Telomere Length Again Linked to Cancer
Changes in Fat Cells May Pave Way for Type 2 Diabetes
New Alzheimer's Clues Identified
Scientists Make Immune Cells in Mice That Fight Off HIV
Gene Mutation May Make People More Prone to Asthma
Researchers Pinpoint Genetic Tie to Brain Development
Researchers Identify Genes Behind Alopecia Areata
Parkinson's Transplant Mystery Solved, Researchers Say
Fetal Genes May Be Linked to Certain Heart Disease in Adults
More Genes Implicated in Type 2 Diabetes
Scientists Suggest Links Between Personality, Size of Brain Regions
Brain Stimulation Seems to Boost Language Skills in Alzheimer's Patients
Questions and Answers
Book Reviews
A Companion to Genethics
A Mind So Rare
A Mood Apart
Acquiring Genomes
Adaptive Dynamics
Alterations of Consciousness
Altered Egos
An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind
Are We Hardwired?
Being Human
Belief's Own Ethics
Beyond Genetics
Biological Complexity and Integrative Pluralism
Body Bazaar
Brain Evolution and Cognition
Coherence in Thought and Action
Consciousness and the Novel
Consciousness Emerging
Consciousness Evolving
Consciousness in Action
Consciousness Recovered
Consciousness, Color, and Content
Creating Mental Illness
Darwinizing Culture
Decoding Darkness
Descriptions and Prescriptions
Dynamics in Action
Empathy and Agency
Evolution and the Human Mind
Evolution's Rainbow
Evolutionary Origins of Morality
Exploding the Gene Myth
Finding Consciousness in the Brain
From Certainty to Uncertainty
Furnishing the Mind
Getting Hooked
Heroes, Rogues, and Lovers
Heuristics and Biases
How to Solve the Mind-Body Problem
Human Nature and the Limits of Science
Human Trials
I of the Vortex
Improving Nature?
In Our Own Image
Individual Differences in Conscious Experience
Information Arts
Intelligence, Race, and Genetics
Intentions and Intentionality
Matters of the Mind
Mind and Mechanism
Models of the Self
My Double Unveiled
Narrative and Identity
Naturalism and the Human Condition
Neurons and Networks
Norms of Nature
Origins of Human Nature
Origins of Psychopathology
Oxford Guide to the Mind
Passionate Engines
Philosophy and the Neurosciences
Physicalism and Its Discontents
Playing God?
Prozac Backlash
Psychiatry in the New Millenium
Psychological Concepts and Biological Psychiatry
Psychological Dimensions of the Self
Rational Choice in an Uncertain World
Reclaiming Cognition
Redesigning Humans
Sociological Perspectives on the New Genetics
Sorting Things Out
Strong Feelings
Surprise, Uncertainty, and Mental Structures
Synesthesia : A Union of the Senses
The Barmaid's Brain
The Birth of the Mind
The Book of Life
The Caldron of Consciousness
The Century of the Gene
The Cognitive Basis of Science
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Consciousness
The Conscious Mind
The Debated Mind
The Developing Mind
The Dream Drugstore
The Dynamic Neuron
The Empirical Stance
The Evolution of Mind
The Illusion of Conscious Will
The Limits of Autobiography
The Madness of Adam and Eve
The Maladapted Mind
The Mind's Past
The Misunderstood Gene
The Nature of Consciousness
The Nature of Intelligence
The New Phrenology
The Presence of Mind
The Problem of the Soul
The Race for Consciousness
The Shattered Self
The Significance of Consciousness
The Social Construction of What?
The Terrible Gift
The Theory of Options
The Triumph of Sociobiology
The View from Within
Understanding Cloning
Understanding Emotions
Understanding the Genome
Up From Dragons
What Genes Can't Do
What It Means to Be 98 Percent Chimpanzee
Where the Action Is
Who Rules in Science
Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid
Why We Lie
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