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Psychotherapy is a set of techniques intended to improve mental health, emotional or behavioral issues in individuals, who are often called "clients". These issues often make it hard for people to manage their lives and achieve their goals. Psychotherapy is aimed at these problems, and solves them via a number of different approaches and techniques; commonly psychotherapy involves a therapist and client(s), who discuss their issues in an effort to discover what they are and how they can manage them. Because sensitive topics are often discussed during psychotherapy, therapists are expected, and usually legally bound, to respect patient privacy and client confidentiality.

General description

Given that psychotherapy is a kind of treatment restricted mostly to verbal exchanges, practitioners do not have to be medically qualified. In most countries, however, psychotherapists must be trained, certified and licensed with a range of different licensing schemes and qualification requirements in place around the world. Psychotherapists may be psychologists, social workers, trained nurses, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, or professionals of other mental health disciplines. Psychiatrists' training focuses on the prescription of medicines, with some training in psychotherapy. Psychologists have special training in mental health assessment and research in addition to psychotherapy. Social workers have special training in mental health assessment and trea...

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Metaphoria: Metaphor and Guided Metaphor for Psychotherapy and Healing
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Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for Depression
Mindworks: An Introduction to NLP
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Momma and the Meaning of Life
Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People For Change
Multiculturalism and the Therapeutic Process
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The Portable Ethicist for Mental Health Professionals
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The Psychotherapy Documentation Primer
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Theory and Practice of Brief Therapy
TheraScribe 4.0
Toward a Psychology of Awakening
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What the Buddha Felt
What Works for Whom? Second Edition
Why Psychoanalysis?
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