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Book Review - Over 100 Truly Astonishing Sex Tips
Over 100 Truly Astonishing Sex Tips
by Lisa Sussman
Carlton Books, 2000
Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D.
Apr 7th 2003

This pocket book is aimed at women, and contains, as its title suggests, over 100 tips about how to improve one’s sex life.  However, one might raise an eyebrow at the claim that they are truly astonishing.  Some may frankly not seem as erotic in practice as they are in concept (tip 46: give each other a total-body tongue bath) and some seem like questionable advice (tip 66: to avoid running out of natural lubrication when having sex in a bath, add a few drops of oil to the bathwater).  Some of the tips seem like common sense (tip 97: using birth control means that you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant and so makes sex more relaxed) and others are what you would find in any sex manual (tip 56: spend longer on foreplay).  But among these tips there are bound to be at least one or two that are new to readers (tip 102: put blue light bulbs in your bedroom, tip 103: wrap his penis in aluminum).  Of course its silly, but it could be fun.


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Christian Perring, Ph.D., is Chair of the Philosophy Department at Dowling College, Long Island, and editor of Metapsychology Online Review. His main research is on philosophical issues in medicine, psychiatry and psychology.