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Book Review - ADHD in the Schools: Assessment and Intervention Strategies
ADHD in the Schools: Assessment and Intervention Strategies
by George J. DuPaul and Gary Stoner
Guilford Press, 2003
Review by Barry McNamara, Ph.D.
Oct 19th 2004

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has been referred to as the disorder du jour. It is difficult to go through a week without seeing an article in a popular magazine or a segment on the nightly news that deals with ADHD. This heightened awareness has lead to some negative consequences, the most serious being the implementation of interventions with no scientific evidence to support their use. School personnel need to be aware of the most recent research on ADHD if they are to provide appropriate interventions in the classroom. An excellent source for obtaining this information is ADHD in the Schools, by George J. DuPaul and Gary Stoner, published by The Guildford Press (NY). It is a heavily referenced book that provides practitioners and parents with a wealth of sources for additional exploration.

The book is divided into 9 chapters. The first 4 chapters deal with an overview of ADHD, assessment and differential diagnosis (ADHD vs. Learning Disorders). Chapters 5 through 8 focus on intervention strategies, medication, adjunctive strategies and collaborative communication. The final chapter provides the reader with cogent conclusions and a look toward the future. The authors provide very useful charts and worksheets to be used in schools. Particularly helpful are steps to follow when carrying out programs. And while this is appropriate for all school personnel, it is particularly useful for school psychologists. This is not surprising in that both authors are directors of the school psychology programs at their respective universities.

Case studies are presented throughout and are helpful in illustrating key concepts. The research findings are the most recent in the field, and although might appear overwhelming at times, provides the readers with a variety of articles to examine in the future.

It is refreshing to find a book on this topic that presents what we know, based on empirical findings, not merely beliefs and folklore. It is essential reading for all educators.


2004 Barry McNamara


Dr. Barry McNamara is a Professor of Special Education at Dowling College, NY, and is author of several books, including Keys to Parenting a Child With Attention Deficit Disorders and Keys to Dealing With Bullies, both coauthored with Francine McNamara, and Learning Disabilities: Appropriate Practice for a Diverse Population.