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ADHD - Organizations
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Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara

Where do you turn to find additional information about ADHD/ADD? There are plenty of national and international support organizations available, which can send you additional educational materials about this disorder and point you to local support groups in your community.

National ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Assn.)
Nat'l network. Dedicated to advocating for adults and children with attention deficit disorders through education to increase awareness and understanding of ADD. Newsletter, information and referrals, national conference, speakers bureau. Sets standards for treatments. Assistance in starting groups. Dues $35.
Contact: Nat'l ADDA, 9930 Johnnycake Ridge Rd., #3E, Mentor, OH 44060. Call 800-487-2282; (216)350-9595 (Admin); FAX: (216)350-0223; FAX on demand: (313)769-6729 (group information, order forms, etc.)
Online Contact: or
Learning Disabilities Association of America
Nat'l. 600 chapters. Founded 1963. Organization formed by concerned parents, devoted to defining and finding solutions for the broad spectrum of learning problems. Information and referrals, advocacy. Newsletter, bi-annual journal. Chapter development guidelines.
Contact: Jean Peterson, L.D.A. of America, 4156 Library Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15234. Call (412)341-1515; FAX: (412)344-0224.
Online Contact: or
Feingold Associations of the U.S.
Nat'l. 12 chapters. Founded 1976. Help for families of children with learning or behavior problems, including attention deficit disorder. Supports members in implementing the Feingold program. Generates public awareness re: food and synthetic additives. Newsletter. Telephone support network.
Contact: Feingold Assn. of the US, Box 6550, Alexandria, VA 22306. Call (703)768-3287 or 800-321-FAUS.
Online Contact:
AD-IN (Attention Deficit Information Network), Inc.
Nat'l. 25 chapters. Founded 1984. Volunteer organization with a network of support groups that provide information and support to individuals whose lives have been affected by attention deficit disorder. Education, information and sharing of ideas for parents, adults, educators and medical personnel. Referrals to support groups. Group starter kit $50.
Contact: AD-IN, 475 Hillside Ave., Needham, MA 02194-1207. Call (617)455-9895 (Tues. and Thurs., 10am - noon); FAX: (617)444-5466.
Online Contact: or
CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)
Int'l. 500+ affiliated groups. Founded 1987. Support for parents with children with Attention Deficit Disorder. Provides information for parents, adults, teachers and professionals. Newsletter, quarterly magazine, annual conference. Guidelines and assistance on starting self-help groups. Dues $35/year.
Contact: CHADD, 499 N.W. 70th Ave, #101, Plantation, FL 33317. Call (954)587-3700; FAX: (954)587-4599.
Online Contact:
ADD Anonymous
Nat'l. 10 affiliated groups. Founded 1996. To carry the message of the twelve steps to adults with attention deficit disorder. For those with a desire to learn about and cope with the effects of ADD. Literature, phone support, information and referrals, support group meetings. Assistance in starting groups.
Contact: ADD Anonymous, P.O. Box 421227, San Diego, CA 92142-1227. Call Valerie or Ron (619)560-6190 (voice/FAX).
Online Contact:
ADD Action Group
Nat'l. 7 affiliated groups. Founded 1996. Educational support group for persons who are interested in non-drug solutions to treating learning disabilities, attention deficit, ADHD, dyslexia, and autism. Monthly newsletter, information and referrals, phone support, conferences, literature and advocacy. Dues $25. Write:ADD Action Group, P.O. Box 1440, New York, NY 10023. Call (212)769-2457 (Voice/FAX).
Online Contact:
Parents of Gifted Learning Disabled Children, Inc.
Nat'l network. Founded 1984. Mutual support and information for parents of gifted children who are also learning disabled. Open to students and educators. Newsletter, library, newsletter, information and referrals, advocacy, literature, conferences, phone support, and local group meetings in Maryland. Dues $30.
Contact: Parents of Gifted Learning Disabled Children, 2420 Ecceleston St., Silver Spring, MD 20902. Call (301)986-1422; FAX: (301)681-4884.
Online Contact:

This information summarized from the American Self-Help Clearning House's 'Self-Help SourceBook Online', Compiled & edited by Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara, and published by CenterSite, LLC/Mental Help Net.

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