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Bipolar Disorder - Organizations
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Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara

Where do you turn to find additional information and support locally about bipolar disorder? There are plenty of national and international support organizations available, which can send you additional educational materials about this disorder and point you to local support groups in your community.

National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association Nat'l. 275 chapters. Founded 1986. This organization offers mutual support and information for persons with depressive and manic-depressive illness, and their families. It also offers public education on the nature of depressive illnesses. Annual conferences, chapter development guidelines. Quarterly newsletter. Bookstore, catalog, mail orders.
Contact: NDMDA, 730 N. Franklin, #501, Chicago, IL 60610. Call 800-826-3632 or (312)642-0049; FAX: (312)642-7243.
Online Contact:

MDSG-NY (Mood Disorders Support Group, Inc.)
MODEL GROUP (Please see note below before contacting this group.)
3 affiliated groups in NY. Founded 1981. Support and education for people with manic-depression or depression and their families and friends. Guest lectures, newsletter, rap groups, assistance in starting groups.
Contact: MDSG, Inc., P. O. Box 30377, NY NY 10011. Call (212)533-MDSG; FAX: (212)675-0218. .
Online Contact:

DRADA (Depression and Related Affective Disorders Assn)
Int'l. 60 affiliated groups. Founded 1986. Aims to alleviate the suffering arising from depression and manic-depression by assisting self-help groups, providing education and information, and supporting research. Newsletter, literature, phone support. Assistance in starting new groups. Young People's Outreach Project.
Contact: DRADA, Meyer 3-181 600 N. Wolfe St., Baltimore, MD 21287-7381. Call (410)955-4647 (Baltimore, MD) or (202)955-5800 (Washington, DC); FAX: (410)614-3241.
Online Contact:

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MODEL GROUPS: Model groups are not national or international groups. Contact this group only if you are interested in starting a similar group in your area or country. When writing to this group from the U.S.A., always include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. A small contribution toward their copying costs is also helpful. If you telephone, always be considerate of the time of day or night; most of these numbers are home phones.

This information summarized from the American Self-Help Clearning House's 'Self-Help SourceBook Online', Compiled & edited by Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara, and published by CenterSite, LLC/Mental Help Net.

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