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Mental Help Net Staff

There is a wealth of information on abuse topics. Many of these resources have been developed and are maintained by others who have also suffered from one form or another of abuse or trauma. We've compiled a comprehensive review guide of all such available resources online today.

Blain Nelson's Abuse Pages
Blain Nelson
A very comprehensive and informative site! It was created by a former abuser who has included his story and personal views on abuse as well as his wife's story. It contains information for both the victim and the abuser as well as friends and family members. This is a great site for those interested in reading first-hand accounts. - 6 Jan 1999 - JMG

Emotional Trauma Info Pages
David Baldwin
This site focuses primarily on emotional trauma and traumatic stress, including Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, whether following an individual traumatic experience or a large-scale disaster. Contents include trauma resources, general support, disaster hand-outs, links, and more. New information is added once or twice a month. - 28 Feb 1998 - KCB

Abuse/Incest Support
With a focus on coping with abuse and incest, this site provides lots of information for both emotional and legal support. Their frequent articles are thoughtful and obviously well researched. With an abound of helpful links throughout the Web page, here is a good source for information. - 1 May 1998 - DJD

The Trinity Pages
Bonni Hall
The personal site of an abuse survivor in recovery. Includes information on self-injury, dissociation, post traumatic stress disorder, and panic disorder, along with personal insights, poetry, and writings. Wonderfully designed, giving you the feeling of "being there" with the author. Touching moments abound, as does a wealth of information and resources on surviving abuse. - 30 Apr 1999 - JMG
An eclectic collection of mental health and relationship resources. I found this a very clear site, one that held my interest, and made me want to know more. It's links and impressive and almost innumerable. - 13 Sep 1999 - N BRP

Women's Rural Advocacy Programs
Daryl Hrdlicka
Information on Domestic Violence and Abuse. Broad, practical, and simplistic facts and recommendations are offered for women dealing with domestic abuse. Past newsletters, statistics, and best of all, recommendations on coping strategies are offered. If you are asking where to go and what to do, take a look at this site. - 12 Nov 1999 - N MJB