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Bipolar Disorder - Recommended Websites
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Recommended Websites

There is a wealth of information online about bipolar disorder. Many of these resources have been developed and are maintained by others who also suffer from this same disorder. We've reviewed and rated dozens of such online resources and provided you with a comprehensive index here.

Pendulum Resources
Pendulum Resources
One of the oldest mailing lists for bipolar disorder also has a Web site which is a very comprehensive resource on mood disorders, covering all aspects of this topic through a variety of resources including articles, online support groups, humor... - 5 Jun 1998 - TKS

Suicide AwarenessVoices of Education
Tom Arsenault
Includes a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) file, general information on suicide and some common statistics, symptoms of depression, a book list and much more in an easy-to-read format. Frequently updated. - 19 Apr 1998 - TKS

Walkers in Darkness
Mark Oberg
This site is for those suffering from depression or bipolar disorder and affected friends. This site is intended to supplement the Walkers in Darkness mailing list. Walkers in Darkness is a support list for depression, bipolar disorder and related mental illness; their treatment, coping mechanisms and recovery techniques. - 30 Apr 1999 - JMG

Bipolar Personality Disorder Sanctuary
This site has been updated and has a great deal of information. A resource for borderline, bipolar, and Attention Deficit Disorders, this site includes links, articles, information, and advice to people with these disorders. Also features a translator for their web site, as well as a nice search function. - 8 May 2000 - TMB

The Mercurial Mind
A woman with bipolar disorder created this Web site. It is a description of her experiences with the disease: her symptoms, her perceptions, and her coping strategies. This is a wonderful Web site if you are bipolar and are seeking someone with similar experiences, or if you simply want to know what it is like to live with bipolar disorder. - 10 Aug 1999 - LMT

Bipolar World
Bipolar World
A very illuminating and enlightening web site on bipolar. The author has made the site easy to navigate and sections of it are clearly visible. - 22 Jan 2000 - N BRP