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Safe Return (for Alheimer's Patients)
Safe Return is a national, government-funded program of the Alzheimer Association that assists in the identification and safe, timely return of individuals with Alzheimerís disease and related dementias who wander off, sometimes far from home, and become lost. The program includes: 1) Identification products, including wallet cards, jewelry, clothing labels,lapel pin, bag tags, 2) A national photo/information database, 3) A 24-hour toll-free emergency crisis line, 4) Alzheimerís Association local chapter support, 5) Wandering behavior education and training for caregivers and families. If the registrant wanders and is found, the person who finds him/her can call the Safe Return toll-free number located on the wandererís identification wallet card, jewelry, or clothing labels. The Safe Return telephone operator immediately alerts the family members or caregiver listed in the database, so they can be reunited with their loved one. If a person is reported missing by a family member or caregiver, Safe Return can fax local law enforcement agencies the missing personís information and photograph. Local Alzheimerís Association chapters provide family support and assistance while police conduct the search and rescue. - Mar 4th 2003 - MJD

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