Shutdown Frames


A supplement to Psychological Self-Help
by Clay Tucker-Ladd


 Welcome to self-help knowledge. We will quickly guide you to additional self-help books and articles.

 First, click on the major area of your concern:

  1. Behavior--reducing bad habits and unwanted behavior or improving some desired behavior

  2. Fear--general anxiety and stress or a specific phobia; shyness, worry, psychosomatic problems

  3. Depression--sadness (dealing with sad times), low self-esteem, gloomy outlook for the future

  4. Anger-- being mad at someone, e.g. spouse, parents, children, coworker; prejudice with group

  5. Dependency--unable to stand alone, over-conforming, indecisive, feeling out of control

  6. Understanding yourself--nature of your personality, your motivations; what's normal & mature?

  7. Understanding family relationships--child-care, effects of childhood experiences, leaving home

  8. Interpersonal problems--meeting people, communication problems, conflicts, chauvinism

  9. Love and/or sexual relationships-- selecting a partner, marital problems, divorce-post divorce; sexual attitudes, intercourse, and sexual problems

  10. Methods of changing yourself--focusing on self-help methods for behavior, emotions, skills, cognitive, or unconscious factors.

  11. Ways to decide on a philosophy of life--considering different ways of living, selecting ethics to live by.

  12. Finding more useful information-- sources of more self-help books.

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