Questioning the Safety of an Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette, also referred to as an e-cig, a smokeless cigarette or the healthy cig, has definitely seen quite a growth in popularity these days, most notably among smokers.  This has given these people a chance to continue with their habits without putting their health at risk, leading them to switch over from regular tobacco to this electronically charged device.  This has certainly attracted many people because it is healthy alternative to smoking which simulates the same appearance, feel and taste of smoking real tobacco cigarettes.  .  However, there are still some people out there who question the safety of the e-cig.  The fact that it doesn’t come with the usual hazards found in tobacco, especially tar, carcinogens and other toxins make it even more of a wiser option for those who have long desired to quit the habit altogether, which prematurely answers the question raised by many.  However, further information can be found below:

·          The Surgeon General has long maintained that smoking tobacco certainly poses quite the risk to a person’s health, whether he or she smokes or is someone exposed to second hand smoke.  Because of this, there have been a lot of companies who have sought out ways to minimize the levels of nicotine and tar in their cigarettes in order to continue making a profit while posing lesser risks to the smoker’s health.  It is because of this that the electronic cig was created.

·          E-cigarettes were developed to simulate the smoke and temperature that is often associated with real tobacco. With that in mind, it simply helps a smoker psychologically, since it makes them feel as if they’re smoking an actual cigarette.  The only difference is that they aren’t inhaling any harmful toxins which can trigger the development of cancer cells in the lungs.  Some of the toxins are lead, arsenic, hydragyrum, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocyanic acid and carbon monoxide.

·          A lot of people were initially skeptical about e-cigs upon their introduction to the market, being apprehensive of their features and their abilities to simulate actual smoking.  Yet, more and more people have developed an affinity to it, and even health care experts such as the Medical Association have recognized it as a much safer way of satisfying the urges of smokers everywhere.  E-cigarettes are now quite abundant in the United States, with many companies manufacturing these and selling them on a mainstream level.

·          What makes them even safer for use is the fact that they serve the purpose of helping smokers kicks the habit.  As a matter of fact, e-cig cartridges come in 3 variants – high, mild and low. It makes perfect sense for starters to choose the high variant at first, but in the course of time, they may slowly switch over to low, which can then lead them to finally quitting smoking.

So, is an electronic cigarette really safe? Definitely.  However, there are still some guidelines to be abided by, such as prohibition for underage smokers as well as the policies of the state or area that a smoker resides in.

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