The Causes of Acid Reflux

Some people never really think about the things they do or the stuff they put their bodies through when they experience acid reflux. In medical terms, acid reflux is the condition in which the acids in a person’s stomach rise up to the esophagus.

At times, these may be mild, and people would still continue to carry on with their usual routines without ever really thinking about the causes of this condition. In their minds, it’s nothing that an antacid can’t fix.

However, it is very important for people to know what leads them to experience this condition, especially when they wish to stop it and find all the right treatments. Besides, one can’t find solutions without knowing the causes of the problems now, can they?

It’s very much like understanding the enemy and his or her motives right before heading off to engage in battle with them. This applies to acid reflux as well. Antacids, truth be told, aren’t permanent solutions; they only provide relief that is temporary.

Relying way too much on them may not be so good to the body too, considering that these are drugs with synthetic compounds. That means they were manufactured with certain chemicals which, when built up over time, can do a lot of damage to the human body.

Antacids also happen to reduce a person’s natural ability to produce acids which are essential for proper digestion. Therefore, one has to wonder, “what causes acid reflux to occur?”

This condition occurs when the LES, or the Lower Esophageal Sphincter (muscle) has become too relaxed. This would then lead to the sphincter opening up, thus allowing the contents of the stomach to rise up all the way to the esophagus, including the acids.

This can cause a whole lot of pain and irritation for some people, while others suffer mild occurrences of it. The LES relaxes instead of contracting, and it is essential that it should be kept closed in order to avoid the acids from flowing back to the walls of the esophagus.

Now that this has been clarified, one should only have to determine what the probable reasons are for the LES to dysfunction.

Below are just some of these causes.

  1. There is an increase in the progesterone levels, and this can lead the Lower Esophageal Sphincter to relax way too much. It’s a situation that’s often experienced by pregnant women, which is why they claim to suffer a bit of heartburn. Acid reflux, simply put, can be caused by changes in the woman’s hormonal balance.
  2. Eating too much spicy food can cause acids to rise up from the stomach.
  3. The consumption of foods which are rich in acids, including citric ones like tomatoes, can cause acid reflux as well. There is an overabundance of acids in the stomach, and any excess may be pushed back.
  4. Caffeine consumption is another culprit for acid reflux. A lot of coffee drinkers can develop acid reflux.
  5. Smoking will definitely take a toll on the body, including the stomach’s acids.

These are just some of the causes as to why acid reflux takes place.

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