What are the Different Treatments for Hemorrhoid Problems?

Many people in the world suffer from all sorts of conditions, and one of the most aggravating proves to be hemorrhoids. A lot of adults often experience this, leading to several complications, yet it is often surprising that not many of them really know about it – the signs, symptoms and the necessary treatments.

The truth is, a hemorrhoid comes in a variety of forms, which means that the treatments will vary. For those suffering from an internal hemorrhoid, the approach would be radically different in terms of treatment compared to external hemorrhoids.

For those who wish to be aware of what to watch out for, the signs that come with this condition include pain in the rectum, bleeding in the rectum as well as a lot of itching. On top of that, some mucous may be discharged too, and the anus will be leaking certain excretions at times.

Knowing this, it can get pretty uncomfortable for an individual. The most painful type of hemorrhoids are those which are external, although internal ones can also be rather stinging especially when they’ve become thrombosis or necrotic.

For adults suffering from this condition, it is important to find the necessary treatments as soon as possible, since neglect can lead to even worse problems developing. Immediate consultation with a doctor should be made.

Until then, below are some treatments for this condition.

  • Creams, ointments & pads – A lot of doctors will often recommend patients to purchase creams over the counter, or even ointments and pads. These are effective in providing relief to any discomfort experienced. However, it is important to take note that sufferers of hemorrhoid will need to refrain from using these products for more than 1 week, that is, unless they’ve been instructed explicitly by their physicians to do so. Most of these remedies contain hydrocortisone, which helps in alleviating inflammation and itching.
  • Suppositories – These are used to ease the pain when a person performs bowel movement. Preparation H or Tucks-branded suppositories are top choices for instant relief. These should be used for around a week and a half. A suppository eases the pain simply through the lubrication of the walls of a person’s anus. They’ll have to stick it up there, which may prove uncomfortable, but they’re very much effective. One matter to consider is that people suffering from hemorrhoids should never use it for more than the time frame recommended to them, since it contains certain ingredients which may harm the already sensitive anal tissues.
  • Anesthetics – One can make use of products which provide a numbing sensation to particular areas of the body, such as anesthetics. These can relieve the pain as well as the itching that’s caused by this condition. However, not every type of anesthetic can be of help to every person, especially those who may have allergies to their ingredients. Thus, seeking the guidance of a physician becomes top priority on the matter.

These are three ways in which a person can treat a hemorrhoid problem.

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