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Depression: Major Depression & Unipolar Varieties
Basic Information

Everyone has days where they feel blah, down, or sad. Typically, these feelings disappear after a day or two, particularly if circumstances change for the better. People experiencing the temporary "blues" don't feel a sense of crushing hopelessness or helplessness, and are able, for the most part, to continue to engage in regular activities. Prolonged anhedonia (the inability to experience pleasure), hopelessness, and failure to experience an increase in mood in response positive events rarely accompany "normal" sadness. The same may be said for other, more intense sorts of symptoms such as suicidal thoughts and hallucinations (e.g., hearing voices). Instead, such symptoms suggest that serious varieties of depression may be present, including the subject of this document: Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) or (more informally), Major Depression.

For people dealing with Major Depression, negative feelings linger, intensify, and often become debilitating.

Major Depression is a common yet serious medical condition that affects both the mind and body. It is a complex illness, creating physical, psychological, and social symptoms. Although informally, we often use the term "depression" to describe general sadness, the term Major Depression is defined by a formal set of criteria which describe which symptoms must be present before the label may be appropriately used.

Major Depression is a mood di...

Latest News
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Somatic Depression Symptoms Show Heart Risk Link
Spouse's Deployment Status Tied to Depression Risk
Sertraline May Not Be Effective for Depression in Heart Failure
Fish, Fatty Acid Intake Tied to Lower Depression Risk in Boys
Many With Depression Have Periods of Hypomania
Brain Research May Help Predict Anxiety, Depression in Young
Depression Linked to Slow Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Antiepileptics Don't Raise Risk of Suicide in Epilepsy Patients
Pathological Internet Use Linked to Teen Depression
Addictive Internet Use Tied to Depression in Teens
People Who Are Depressed 'See' a Gray World
Mood Disorders Going Undetected in U.S. Children
Brain Changes in MS May Spur Depression
Depression Linked to Higher Risk of Alzheimer's, Dementia
Type 2 Diabetes Diagnosis May Temporarily Up Depression Risk
Generic Effexor XR Approved
Preventive Intervention for Premature Infants Effective
Depression Can Make Pain Worse
Health Tip: Don't Suddenly Stop Antidepressants
Post-Combat Stress Disrupting Daily Lives of Returning Vets
Certain Popular Antidepressants Linked to Cataracts in Seniors
Risk of Miscarriage Linked to Antidepressants
Depression Key Consideration in Acute Coronary Syndrome
Allergies Might Trigger Depression
Drug Switch Tied to Depression Remission at Six Months
Brain Injury Patients Plagued by Poor Sleep, Depression
Depression Common at End of Terminal Cancer
For Depression, Phone Therapy May Be an Answer
Major Depression Often Follows Brain Injury
Postpartum Depression Can Strike New Dads
Treatment Found to Reduce Depression in Psoriasis
Depression After Heart Attack Tied to Brain Changes
Older Adults Have Lower Rates of Mood, Anxiety Disorders
No One Antidepressant Raises Suicide Risk More Than Others
Magnetic Stimulation Found Effective for Depression
Antidepressants in Pregnancy May Impact Child Behavior
Depression Linked to Increased Chocolate Consumption
Antidepressants May Improve Heart Health
Depression and Smoking Go Hand in Hand in U.S.
Health Tip: Coping With Postpartum Depression
Kids' Suicide Risk Same for All Antidepressants
Median Duration of Bipolar I Mood Episodes Is 13 Weeks
Brain Glitch May Raise Some Girls' Odds of Depression
Help for Depressed Latinos Often Hampered by Stigma
Antidepressants Effective in Physically Ill
Outcomes of Depression Drug Treatment Affected by Diabetes
Combination Treatment May Help Depressed Alcoholics
Passive Response to Social Stress Linked to Depression
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