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Sexual Disorders
Basic Information

This Sexual Disorders topic center contains information about paraphillias (more commonly known as sexual perversions or deviancies). Please explore our Sexual Problems topic center if you are interested in more run-of-the-mill sexual dysfunctions.

Paraphillias are disorders of deviant sexuality. As defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (the clinician’s diagnostic bible), they involve recurrent fantasies, urges or behaviors of a sexual nature that center around children, non-humans (animals, objects, materials), or harming others or one’s self.

Because they are so often associated with abusive sexual practices that generate real victims, many people tend to regard persons who display sexual deviancies as monsters. Further, many people tend to assume that all sexual deviants are equivalently awful and repugnant. Neither of these statements are accurate. While they are ultimately responsible for their choices (including those that harm other people), and should be punished and thereafter closely monitored to prevent further abusive practices, even predator child-molesting pedophiliac are legitimately suffering from mental, emotional and spiritual disturbance and should be able to participate in mandated treatment. Whereas pedophilia (child molestation) is a particularly awful sexual deviancy, there are other forms of sexual deviancy such as transvestism and many forms of fetishism th...

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