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Book Review - Going Down
Going Down
by Ben R. Rogers and Joel Perry
Alyson Publications, 2002
Review by Jodi Forschmiedt
Jun 16th 2003

With 135 pages devoted to the art of fellatio, Going Down can't help but be thorough.  Clearly devoted practitioners of oral sex, Rogers and Perry extol its virtues in light-hearted but passionate terms. They use humor and liberally sprinkled sarcasm to keep it fun, but present a systematic exploration of the whys and how tos.

In Chapter 2, "You Don't Know Dick," Rogers and Perry give the reader a lesson in the finer points of male anatomy.  Illustrated with diagrams, the chapter also contains numerous sidebars packed with interesting penis facts (for example, the average number of erections per day for a man is 11).  The authors also provide encouraging information about size.

Subsequent chapters explain in graphic detail the beginning, middle and end of the basic blowjob, plus numerous tips and tricks to add variety, increase excitement, and delay ejaculation.  The difficult deep-throat receives a chapter of its own, with instructions for training oneself to supercede the gag reflex.

The book concludes with some first person stories from people who loved, or learned to love, giving head.  The authors quite unnecessarily added commentary to each story, explaining what made the scenario exciting ("he reciprocated" or  "aggressive moves by girlfriend," or "danger of getting caught").

Rogers and Perry aimed their treatise at both gay men and straight women, but their gay bias (both are writers for a gay men's magazine) shows through.  The cover photo depicts two men, as do more than half of the illustrations and anecdotes.  Their extreme irreverence (you wouldn't believe how many words they use for "penis") may be a turn-off to some women, who may be less comfortable with the whole subject than the average homosexual male.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a manual that will tell you everything you need to know about giving oral pleasure to a man, Going Down fits the bill.


(c) 2003 Jodi Forschmiedt       


Jodi Forschmiedt reads, writes, and teaches in Seattle, Washington.