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Book Review - Better Than Ever
Better Than Ever
by Bernie Zilbergeld with George Zilbergeld
Crown House, 2005
Review by Dana Vigilante
May 9th 2006

A guide to reigniting the sexual spark once you hit your 50's, this book is a well-written manual that covers a broad range of sexual problems facing many baby-boomers these days. From stress, to physical changes in men, to menopause in women, every chapter relates to the most common problems couples face in the bedroom.

Written by two brothers (one of whom passed away before this book went to press, the other, a professor at Montclair State University), with lots of input from couples around the country, this book is a must read for any couple who thinks they are the only ones having trouble in the bedroom.

Although most of the topics covered here are common and not all that out of the ordinary, they can prove to be extremely stressful and put a great deal of unnecessary strain on a relationship. However, once the reader realizes that these problems are indeed common and not permanent, working towards resolving them becomes much easier and less stressful.

The book addresses different ways to not only resolve problems in the area of sex, but also guides the reader on how to recognize and distinguish red flag problems from minor ones.

A great read for anyone who is reaching the 50 mark.




2006 Dana Vigilante


Dana Vigilante is a hospice educator as well as an advocate for proper end-of-life care and a certified bereavement group facilitator. Currently writing a book based on interviews with terminally ill hospice patients, she divides her time between New Jersey and San Francisco.