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Book Review - The Clitoral Truth
The Clitoral Truth
by Rebecca Chalker
Seven Stories Press, 2000
Review by Susan Wingate
Oct 16th 2001

"Dismissed and misunderstood for hundred of years, the clitoris is the one part of the female body whose sole purpose is pleasure." Included in this book is anatomical precise drawings and the knowledge of how extensive this organ system is. This book is about reviving awareness and teaching women to reclaim and honor their bodies, to include all the hidden wonders "right at their fingertips".

This book also offers a variety of stories from personal perspectives about how to educate yourself and your partner, lover, husband about your own body. Giving guidelines for self-exams, how to learn techniques to find pleasure and how to teach your mate to be a better lover are only a few of the topics covered in this book. Female physiology, as it pertains to female sexuality, is presented in the simplest of terms. A plethora of questions are answered about orgasms, masturbation, female ejaculation, to name a few.

Finally! What a very refreshing and powerful book of information! The author presents a very candid look, both literally and figuratively, of the female anatomy. The focus, being the clitoris of course. Following treads through time, Ms. Chalker paints a very stunning and shocking historical prospective of how women were conditioned to negate not only the sexual aspects of themselves but also ignore their right to want or expect sexual pleasure. The material presented historically was quite an eye opener …not because of how it was presented, from the well known patriarchal posture known in the Renaissance era, but from women that bought into and embraced those same views, about themselves.

This book could easily find its way into the Self-Help, Women's Studies, Medical, Sexuality, and Philosophy sections, to name a few, of any library or bookstore. It is amazing how such a detailed, in-depth look at a woman's clitoris could be so versatile in its presentation. This book is very "user friendly". Men as well as women would benefit greatly in reading this book. This material would be an excellent health curriculum for grade schools. I would highly recommend this book to all audiences. I would especially recommend it to anyone feeling shy or timid about the female body. Women have been given a wonder gift in the pages of this book. In this day and age of awareness and consciousness raising, women waking up to who they are and what they are about, this book would be a great roadmap in learning about female sexuality.

A personal thank you to the author in the time and energy put into such a wonderful and sorely needed source of information.

© 2001 Susan Wingate

Susan Wingate is currently working in personnel management at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has worked for twelve years as a chemical dependency counselor for adolescents, as well as having worked with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Her passion is to be a vehicle for creating awareness for self and others.

This review first appeared online Sept 1, 2001