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Book Review - Sexual Ecstasy
Sexual Ecstasy
by Margot Anand
J P Tarcher, 2000
Review by Susan K. Wingate
Dec 21st 2001

Also author to The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and The Art of Sexual Magic, Margot Anand brings to us an illustrated step by step guide to personally defining, creating and experiencing orgasms. She states very clearly in the beginning pages that "the purpose of this book is to educate". She goes even further to "Warn" potential readers against using this book as "medical or psychological therapy".

Ms. Anand presents her concept of "Multi-Orgasmic Response (MORE) training to enable the readers and their partners, be it spouse, lover, or self, to develop skills in becoming a better lover. Along with very explicit text, are illustrations of male and female genitalia to include specific techniques, she presents the "Five Virtues" developed through MORE training.

This is truly a multi-faceted book in which readers have the potential to not only learn more about their own bodies but also that of their lover. Ms. Anand does a wonderful job in presenting the information in a very "user friendly" format that doesn't leave room for misunderstanding the concepts of her training. She "blends" together both the physical and Spiritual nature of pleasure in a way that invites all to learn.

Sexual Ecstasy is a instruction book. While it is suggested you "practice" some of the exercises in this book with a partner, it is presented in such a way that the information is just as valuable to the "single" reader. It is a book that empowers the reader and/or practitioner to take charge of his/her own body both physically and verbally. Breaking through childhood "taboos" and societal norms can be difficult, however, once again, Ms. Anand's work makes it easy for the reader/practitioner to give themselves "permission," through the guidelines and suggestions she gives in exploring perceptions and communication skills. Her material invites all to allow their Spirit to lead with the understanding that the Body will follow, in order to experience a greater sense of pleasure, connection and intimacy with Love.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It is a work of art. It is the type of book you will want to keep as a reference guide and something you would definitely want to share with your lover. Its an easy read and easy to store near or on a bedside table. I would recommend this book to be used as a supplemental text for classes in Health and Sexuality.

© 2001 Susan K. Wingate

Susan Wingate is currently working in personnel management at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She has worked for twelve years as a chemical dependency counselor for adolescents, as well as having worked with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Her passion is to be a vehicle for creating awareness for self and others.