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LifeWatch Employee Assistance Program




About LifeWatch

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LifeWatch EAP

* Dedicated to providing the very best employee assistance program in the United States.
* Specializing in the development and implementation of customized employee assistance programs, training seminars, crisis intervention, and expert management consultation.
* Providing comprehensive employee assistance programs and services to government agencies, municipalities, universities, credit unions, police and fire departments, and other service industries.
* Our mission is to provide the highest quality service at a competitive price.

We're LifeWatch... A crew for your crew. With more than 20 years experience helping companies build effective and goal oriented teams, LifeWatch is ready to come on board with:
* Conflict management
* Building communication skills
* Problem solving from the factory floor to the corporate offices
* Identifying areas of misalignment within the team structure
* Assessing goals and objectives for effective team strategies

LifeWatch will work with you to solve issues such as:
* Downsizing
* Organizational changes
* Inappropriate management behavior
* Employee turnover
* Chronic conflict
* Inadequate work team

We're LifeWatch... Professional, Accountable, Active
LifeWatch staff will always be visible and accountable to your needs. Our account managers work closely with company representatives to customize individual plans that meet your specific needs. Professional ethics, integrity, and sound principles guide the efforts of our LifeWatch EAP staff.

LifeWatch is accountable to our clients
* To ensure that we meet all of your EAP, training, and consultative needs, we use several measurement tools that determine satisfaction levels and areas of concern. These tools help us to coninually improve and expand our services to meet our clients' needs.
* Responses and results are shared with company representatives without compromising the confidentiality of each member employee participant.