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LifeWatch Employee Assistance Program
TT/TTY 1-800-745-5555

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Your LifeWatch Plan

Mary F. Cimini, LifeWatch EAP Director

Your employer has purchased an EAP benefit plan from LifeWatch. In order to find out the exact benefits included under your EAP plan you can call us directly at 1-800-333-6228 TT/TTY 1-800-745-5555, email:(appointments) or ask your Human Resource Department for the latest brochure describing the employee assistance program.

Your LifeWatch Plan

All of LifeWatch EAP's accounts have a number of common elements that you should be aware of. They are as follows:

* Private and confidential
* Free to the employee or his/her household member/family
* 24 hour-a-day,7 days a week emergency coverage
* Counseling, consultation, information, and referrals
* Assistance with personal or family, or work related issues
* Licensed counselors available to help with mental health issues

Call LifeWatch at 1-800-333-6228. We can help you with the everyday challenges and the difficult days.