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Depression (Unipolar) - Organizations
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Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara

Where do you turn to find additional information about depression? There are dozens of national and international support organizations available that can send you additional educational materials about this disorder and point you to local support groups in your community.

Prozac Survivors Support Group
Nat'l. 34 chapters. Founded 1990. Mutual support and sharing of information for people who have been adversely affected by the antidepressant medication Prozac. Newsletter, group development guidelines.
Contact: c/o Bonnie Leitsch, 2212 Woodbourne Ave., Louisville, KY 40205. Call (502)459-2086.

Women For Sobriety
Int'l. 350 groups. Founded 1976. Program designed specifically to help the woman alcoholic achieve sobriety. Addresses need to overcome depression and guilt. Monthly newsletter, information and referrals, phone support, group meetings, pen pals, conferences, and group development guidelines.
Contact: Women for Sobriety, P.O. Box 618, Quakertown, PA 18951-0618. Call (215)536-8026 or 800-333-1606; FAX: (215)536-8026.
Online Contact: or

Depression After Delivery
Nat'l. 100 affiliated groups. Founded 1985. Support and information for women suffering from depression during or following pregnancy. Telephone support in most states, newsletter ($30/yr), group development guidelines, pen pals, conferences.
Contact:: 91 East Somerset Street, Rariton, NJ 08869. Call (908)575-9121 or 1-800-944PPD (leave name and address for info).
Online Contact:

NOSAD (Nat'l Organization for Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Nat'l. Founded 1988. Disseminates information and provides education about the causes, nature and treatment of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Promotes development of services for patients and their families. Encourages research into the cause and cure of SAD. Newsletter.
Contact: NOSAD, P.O. Box 40190, Washington, DC 20016.

GROW, Inc.
Int'l. 143 groups in IL, NJ, DE and RI. Founded in 1957. 12-step mutual help program to provide know-how for avoiding and recovering from depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. Caring and sharing community to attain emotional maturity, personal responsibility, and recovery from mental illness. Leadership training and consultation to develop new groups.
Contact: GROW, Inc., 2403 W. Springfield Ave., Box 3667, Champaign, IL 61826. Call (217)352-6989; FAX: (217)352-8530.

Depressed Anonymous
Int'l. 30+ affiliated groups. Founded 1985. 12-step program to help depressed persons believe and hope they can feel better. Newsletter, phone support, information and referrals, workshops, conferences and seminars. Information packet ($5). Newsletter.
Contact: DSS, Inc., P.O. Box 17471, Louisville, KY 40217. Call Hugh S. (502)569-1989.
Online Contact: or

National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association
Nat'l. 275 chapters. Founded 1986. Mutual support and information for persons with depressive and manic-depressive illness, and their families. Public education on the nature of depressive illnesses. Annual conferences, chapter development guidelines. Quarterly newsletter. Bookstore, catalog, mail orders.
Contact: NDMDA, 730 N. Franklin, #501, Chicago, IL 60610. Call 800-826-3632 or (312)642-0049; FAX: (312)642-7243.
Online Contact:

This information summarized from the American Self-Help Clearning House's 'Self-Help SourceBook Online', Compiled & edited by Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara, and published by CenterSite, LLC/Mental Help Net.

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