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Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara

Where do you turn to find additional information about sexual problems? Here, we've listed several support groups and organizations available who can point you to educational materials and local support groups in your community.

Int'l. 100 affiliated groups. Founded 1984. 12-step group for persons who have a friend or family member with a problem of sexual addiction. Assistance available for starting groups. Conferences. Quarterly newsletter ($10).
Contact: S-Anon, P.O. Box 111242, Nashville, TN 37222. Call (615)833-3152; FAX: (615)331-6901.
Online Contact: or

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
Int'l. 150+ groups. Founded 1982. Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from sexual compulsion. Newsletter, information and referrals, phone support, conferences.
Contact: SCA, P.O. Box 1585, NY, NY 10011. Call 800-977-4325
Online Contact: or

Sexaholics Anonymous
Int'l. 700 chapters. Founded 1979. Program of recovery for those who want to stop sexually self-destructive thinking and behavior. Mutual support to achieve and maintain sexual sobriety. Telephone network, quarterly newsletter, literature and books.
Contact: S.A., P.O. Box 111910, Nashville, TN 37222-1910. Call (615)331-6230; FAX: (615)331-6901.
Online Contact: or

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Int'l. 500 groups. Founded 1977. Fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with one another that they may overcome their sexual addiction and help others recover from sexual addiction or dependency. Guidelines available for starting new groups. Educational booklet. Monthly newsletter.
Contact: S.A.A., P.O. Box 70949, Houston, TX 77270. Call (713)869-4902.

COSA (Codependents Of Sex Addicts)
Nat'l. 50+ affiliated groups. Founded 1980. A Self-help program of recovery using the 12-steps adapted from A.A. and Al-Anon, for those involved in relationships with people who have compulsive sexual behavior. Assistance in starting new groups. Newsletter ($12).
Contact: NSO COSA, Inc., 9337-B Katy Freeway, #142, Houston, TX 77024. Call (612)537-6904.

Sexual Recovery Anonymous
Int'l. 19 affiliated groups. Founded 1990. 12-step fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. For those with a desire to stop compulsive sexual behavior.
Contact: S.R.A., P.O. Box 73, New York, NY 10024. Call (212)340-4650 (recorded information) or (604)290-9382 (B.C., Canada).
Online Contact:

This information summarized from the American Self-Help Clearning House's 'Self-Help SourceBook Online', Compiled & edited by Barbara J. White and Edward J. Madara, and published by CenterSite, LLC/Mental Help Net.

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