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Alcohol & Substance Abuse - Substance Abuse - Websites
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Substance Abuse - Websites

There is a wealth of information online about anxiety. Many of these resources have been developed and are maintained by others who also suffer from an anxiety disorder. We don't simply list them, but give you a guide to the hundreds of resources to choose from.

Join Together
Join Together
The free resource center and meeting place for communities working to reduce the harms associated with the use of illicit drugs, excessive alcohol, and tobacco. An extensive and very well-organized site, Join Together is divided into a number of distinct sites: Substance abuse, gun violence, a powerful photographic essay, and The QuitNet (a smoking cessation site). Filled with information ranging from grants, to daily-updated news articles, press releases, and consumer brochures, this vetern of the World Wide Web has kept up-to-date with its smart redesign and easy navigation to useful information. To help ease your information overload, a search engine is also provided. - 15 Dec 1998 - JMG

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

  • Los Angeles County (
  • North Carolina (
  • Orange County, CA (
  • San Diego, CA (
    Provides information about MADD and its history, including links to highway safety, injury prevention sites, and the Driving While Impaired (DWI) issue ranging from general statistics to abstracts of DWI laws. - 23 Jan 1998 - TKS

    Alcoholics Anonymous Resources

  • Bay City Chapter (
    A collection of Alcoholics Anonymous information. Includes online and regional meeting information, AA literature, computer programs, convention/event information, and intergroup phone numbers. Text is available in English, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Danish, and Portuguese. Frequently updated. - 22 May 1998 - TKS

    Prevention Online
    National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
    The National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI) is the information service of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. It provides extensive information dealing with drug abuse, treatment and its effects. The information here is organized well and provides more and better information in an easily accessible format than most pages. Navigation and graphics on this site are also impressive. - 31 Jan 1998 - DJD

    Web of Addictions
    Andrew L. Homer Ph.D. & Dick Dillon
    Provides accurate details on alcohol and other drug addictions by offering information on both online and real-world organizations and resources. Updated regularly, this site is an excellent resource for those who need factual information about addictions. Contact information for related groups and a meeting calendar round out this informative, easy-to-navigate site. - 22 Jul 1998 - JMG

    Another Empty Bottle
    Another Empty Bottle
    For friends and family of alcoholics. This site contains links, help groups, hotlines, information, and personal stories related to alcoholism. The site features interactive chat rooms and discussion areas for individuals to share and communicate their questions and concerns. The special section For Kids is a children's complete guide to understanding alcoholism and family relations. The organized layout provides easy navigation. - 21 Dec 1998 - JMG

    Hope and Healing WebChronicles
    Hope and Healing Web Chronicles
    Hope and Healing webChronicles is a healing journal focusing on the spiritual journeys and personal transformations possible for the family affected by alcoholism and addiction. The site includes insights, observations and musings of the Web publisher, W. Waldo; articles by well-known published authors; and numerous links and descriptions of Web sites related to alcoholism. This extensive site is a great place to look for support for alcoholism. - 20 Jul 1998 - LMT

    12 Step Cyber Cafe
    Christian Recovery Network
    The goal of this site is to help visitors find information about addiction, as well as the help that is available. Visitors that are new to recovery might find the Menuboard of Recovery helpful. This site provides a chat room for its visitors to share their experiences with each other, and a bulletin board which provides some helpful info on local meetings throughout the world. This site is frequently updated and simple to navigate. - 20 May 1998 - SMF

    Common Sense
    National PTA
    Common Sense provides strategies for raising drug- and alcohol-free children. This site contains substance abuse prevention facts, positive parenting tips, and family prevention activities. Information is targeted towards parents of young children, but may be useful to counselors and community leaders. An informative and attractive site. - 1 Jul 1998 - KCB

    Parallel Paths of Recovery
    Parallel Paths of Recovery
    Dual Diagnosis Support Group for Individuals diagnosed with a mental/emotional illness as well as an addictive disorder and their Significant Others. This site provides, email lists, chat, forums and links for all forms of dual diagnosis. I liked the easy way I could look around the site and find all things at my fingertips. - 13 Sep 1999 - MJD