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Hundreds of Genes Could Be Linked to ADHD
Variations would explain different attention-disorder symptoms, study suggests.More

Standard IQ Test May Undervalue People With Autism
Study shows they could solve problems faster than non-autistics on a different test.More

Teens of Dads Who Drink Too Much Tend to Follow Suit
Report found these kids were more likely to abuse alcohol, drugs.More

Study Refutes Depression Gene Finding
But stressful life events can trigger the condition, researchers say.More

Drug May Stem Slide Into Alzheimer's for Some
Aricept did not affect others with mild memory loss, study finds. More

At U.S. Colleges, Binge Drinking Is on the Rise
Efforts similar to campaign against smoking are needed, expert suggests.More

Stimulant Medications used in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder - Communication about an Ongoing Safety Review
FDA notified healthcare professionals that it is providing its perspective on study data published in the American Journal of Psychiatry on the potential risks of stimulant medications used to treat Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children.More

Effects of Depression on Families Need to Be Addressed
Treating depression should incorporate strategies to detect and prevent the impact of the disease on patients' children, according to a June 10 report by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine.More

If Mom or Dad Is Depressed, Kids Need Help Too
Coordinated assessment and care for all family members is warranted: report.More

Questionnaire May Help Spot Early Dementia
Experts caution that do-it-yourself test still needs doctors' interpretation. More

Early Bedtime May Help Stave Off Teen Depression
Extra sleep quells suicidal thoughts as well, study finds.More

Insomnia and Anxiety May Be Genetically Linked
Study of twins finds those with depression also likely to have trouble sleeping.More

Researchers Identify Novel Autism Candidate Gene
The calcium channel subunit gene, CACNA1G, may be a novel candidate gene for autism spectrum disorder, according to a study published online May 19 in Molecular Psychiatry.More

New Program May Help Teens at High Risk for Depression
Behavioral approach was less effective if parent was depressed during child's treatmentMore

Depression Treatment Wanes Following FDA Warnings
Advisories led to 'unintended consequences,' researchers say.More

171 articles available (Viewing 1 - 15)