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Treatment - Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation

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Most treatments of this disorder are behavioral in nature. Unless this problem is caused by taking another medication which lists premature ejaculation as a side effect, the solution to this problem will require practice on your own or with your partner. (If it is caused by another medication you are being prescribed, it is suggested that you contact the physician which prescribed the medication and discuss medication solutions to the problem, which are easily obtained in most instances.)

The most common treatment of this disorder is to become more familiar with the feelings and sensations surrounding the time leading up to ejaculation. By learning to become more familiar with these sensations, you can then slowly learn how to predict when the upcoming ejaculation will occur and gain more control over them. One popular method taught both in self-help books and by therapists is the "stop and start" method. A person begins masturbating (alone or with a partner) and a moment or two before ejaculation, stops. Masturbating resumes when the person has come down from his closeness to ejaculation. Again, masturbation is stopped as the man approaches ejaculation. This is done 5 or 6 times.

After doing this exercise a few times, the man will hopefully become more aware of the sensations leading up to ejaculation and be able to better control them through stopping intercourse for a few minutes. Of course sexual play doesn't need to end at this time. Combining this method with taking one's mind off of the "performance" aspect of sexual intercourse (and instead think about other, non-related activities) can lead to greater control over one's ejaculation.

There are other methods that may work better for some men. These are best learned from a self-help book on this subject or a therapist with specific training in sexual disorders.


Medications generally aren't prescribed for this disorder, but may be prescribed to help offset the negative side-effects of another medication the individual is taking.


As mentioned above, self-help methods best utilized are those that include practicing from a book.

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