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What Is LifeWatch?
What Is CenterSite, LLC?
What Will I Find On LifeWatch?
How Can I Locate Information on LifeWatch?
What If I Can't Find What I'm Looking For?
How Are Link Pages Laid Out?
How Do I Sign Up For The NewsLetter?
How Does LifeWatch Rate Web Pages?
How Do I Add A New Link To LifeWatch?
How Can I Make LifeWatch My Homepage?
How Private Is The Information I Submit To LifeWatch?
I Don't See The Information I Need!


(^)  What Is LifeWatch?
LifeWatch is a organization providing on-line information and educational resources as a way of supporting their community.

(^)  What Is CenterSite, LLC?
This website is a member of the CenterSite Network, and is hosted by CenterSite, LLC, a Columbus, Ohio (USA) based provider of advanced turnkey website solutions for behavioral health care facilities, institutions and groups. CenterSite websites are professionally hosted and are constantly kept up to date with *all* of the award-winning content featured in Mental Help Net. Individual CenterSite websites are highly personalized for each client organization, featuring client logos, and as little or as much client-generated content (articles, stories, about-us pages, etc.) as each client desires to post. Please visit (or call ) for more information on CenterSite website products.

(^)  What Will I Find On LifeWatch?
LifeWatch features the following resources:

  • Mental Health News
    Here, you'll find recent news and articles relevant to topics in mental health.
  • Topic Centers
    Here, you'll find multiple topic centers, each focused on a single important topic in mental health (such as Depression, Anxiety, etc.). For each topic, find collected on a single index page, links to educational and informative articles, links, news, etc. Some topic areas are more fleshed out than others. All topic areas contain a link page (or pages) where you will find reviewed and rated links to other web sites that are available for each topic.
  • Searchable Databases
    Search for many different sorts of mental health related resources: jobs, treatment centers, therapists, conferences and workshops, etc.
  • The Reading Room
    Here you'll find the latest mental health news here, along with our popular editorial content, advice, featured articles and columns, and Perspectives magazine.
  • The LifeWatch Community
    We have an active and supportive community who use our forums (message boards) and chats on a daily basis to discuss topics related to mental health.
  • Free Online Books
    Including a very comprehensive self-help book Psychological Self-Tools, and the Self-help Sourcebook Online
  • MetaPsychology Book Reviews
    Editor Christian Perring, Ph.D. and his team read voraciously and post their findings to our Book Review page as full featured reviews. If you're looking for a good book, this is the place for you.

(^)  How do I find stuff on LifeWatch?

Browse our Topic Centers
The best way to find information on a specific disorder is to go to the LifeWatch Center that deals with that topic. Popular LifeWatch topic centers include Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Personality Disorders, and Abuse. There are many more centers on the site. Find the center you are interested in from the Centers index page.

Search Engine
You can search for all LifeWatch content directly by using our search engine (which is avaible on every page in the left side menu). Simply type in any keyword or topic or anything else that comes to mind on a mental health or psychology topic. It will return links to pages that feature information on the keyword you searched for. Click on a link to go right there.

(^)  What If I Can't Find What I'm Looking For?
Don't expect to find everything (or anything!) that you need online. This online world still does not offer resources on every imaginable mental health topic out there. Your best and surest bet is to always start in your local community first, looking for information (e.g., in a public or university library) and support (e.g., from your community's local mental health association). As a last resort, you may ask us your question and we'll do what we can to help. We can't guarantee that we'll get back to you, however!).

(^)  How Are Topic Center Pages Laid Out?
Topic Pages typically contain the following sorts of information:

  • Basic information on the topic
  • Links to various Internet websites on the topic (rated by our review team)
  • Advanced and detailed information on the topic,
  • Current news on the topic
  • Self-help Group resources on the topic
  • Book review resources on the topic

The core of each LifeWatch Topic Center (e.g., Depression Center, Anxiety Center, etc.) is the links section consisting of links to Internet resources. Link pages are laid out as follows:

Each link page starts with a list of links to other web pages that concern the center's topic. In this section are arranged by star ratings, with four-star sites (our highest rating) at the top. Resources found in this section follow this format:

Clicking on the title of the resource will open up a new Web browser window and take you to that resource. You can keep this spare browser window open, to quickly switch back and forth between LifeWatch and resources of interest to you. Since all resources listed in LifeWatch point to this same new browser window, resources you click on in LifeWatch will continue to appear in this single window; a new window will not keep opening up. If the term 'None noted' comes up beneath this or any heading, that means that LifeWatch is not currently aware of any useful resources for this topic.

(^)  How Do I Sign Up For The Newsletter?
We'd like to send you our twice monthly NewsNetLetter crammed full of the latest mental health news and announcements. It's a great way to stay current. You can sign up for free on the LifeWatch Homepage, or by clicking here for our newsletter signup form.

(^)  How Does LifeWatch Rate Web Pages?

Centersite, LLC, the company that supplies the content to this website, works to make sure each website we link to has been visited and rated. Ratings take place on a four star scale, where four stars indicates an excellent site, three stars indicates a very good site, two stars indicates a good site, and one star indicates a site that needs a lot of work.

(^)  How Do I Add A New Link To LifeWatch?

Adding a new resource to the LifeWatch website is easy! Just fill out our Link Contribution form and send it on to us. Our staff will review your submission for content and appropriateness.

(^)  How Can I Make This Website My Homepage?
For Internet Explorer:

  • Navigate to the homepage of this site
  • Click on the "Tools" menu
  • Click on the "Internet Options" option
  • Click on the "General" tab (if it isn't already open)
  • Click on the "Use Current" button in the Homepage section at the top of the panel
  • Save your work by clicking on the "OK" button at the bottom of the panel

For Netscape Navigator:
  • Navigate to the homepage of this site
  • Click on the "Edit" menu
  • Click on the "Preferences" option (a small window will open up)
  • Find the "Homepage" section.
  • Click on the "Use Current Page" button in the Homepage section
  • If using Navigator 6.x, make sure the "Homepage" option is set under the "When Navigator opens up, display" section at top
  • Save your work by clicking on the "OK" button at the bottom of the panel

(^)  How Private Is The Information I Submit To LifeWatch?
Short Answer: Very Private.
As providers of mental health information, services, and resources, we've carefully taken into account your need for privacy while traveling our Web site. You may read our complete privacy statement to be assured that we adhere to strict guidelines to protect you.

(^)  I Don't See The Information I Need!
Mail the . We'll do what we can to help you.